Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The Conquering Coachman

For those of you that have a wider interest in passenger transport, we are pleased to announce we will be bringing you a something slightly different to our previous events.

This tour will feature no less than 6 different coaches from the impressive 2 Way Transport fleet.

We’ve planned this for the day before the very popular Lincoln Bus Museum’s open / running day.

On Saturday 3rd November, we will start the day with a pick up at 10:15am from directly outside Scunthorpe railway station.

For those of you travelling by car, there will be a second pick up at 10:25am from the Lakeside Retail Park.

During this tour, we will be aiming to make use of 6 of the following:

CJZ6090 Mercedes Benz 711 / Plaxton Beaver (P369MOA)
JJZ4375 Leyland Swift / Reeve Burgess Harrier (G364NHH)
KIB6474 Neoplan N122 / Neoplan Skyliner (CW02UHY)
PIL2162 Volvo B10M / Van Hool Alizee (A194MNE)
RIA5991 Volvo B10M / Van Hool Alizee (A190MNE)
TIL8795 Volvo B10M / Plaxton Paramount (C509HGF)
XJI8472 Volvo B10M / Van Hool Alizee (E263OMT)
M10TKT Neoplan N316SHD / Neopland Euroliner (YR02UMU)
W898RFA Dennis Javelin / Plaxton Premiere
CX02KEJ Neoplan N316SHD / Neopland Euroliner (L77KMP)
YN04AVF Neoplan N316SHD / Neopland Euroliner
YN04AWX Neoplan N122 / Neoplan Skyliner
FE51RFL Iveco CC80E18M / Indcar Maxim

For a full days travel on board this bus running day the fare has been set at an amazing £10 per person payable on the day.

Please Note: All advertised vehicles are subject to availability on the day.

If you have any questions about this bus running day, please send them by email to busrunningdays@gmail.com and please do not contact 2 Way Transport as they will be unable to assist you.