Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The People's Performance

On Saturday 4th August, we have arranged a running day at People's Bus of Aintree.

We will start the day with a pick up from outside Liverpool Lime Street railway station (in front of St.Georges Hall) at 10:30am and we will aim to return everyone back to the railway station for 17:00 approximately.

For a full days travel on board this bus depot tour the fare has been set at an amazing £10 per person payable on the day.

During this tour we are hoping to use no less than 6 vehicles chosen from:

L80BUS (LV52HHK), L90BUS (LV52HHZ), N80BUS (LV52HHY), N300BUS (LV52HHL), N700BUS (LV52HHD), N800BUS (LV52HHF), N900BUS (LV52HHA), R70BUS (YN51KVC), R90BUS (LV52HJA), T999TNY (LV52HHC), X10BUS (LV52HHX) and X20BUS (LV52HHJ).

Please Note: All advertised vehicles are subject to availability on the day.

If you have any questions about this bus running day, please send them by email to busrunningdays@gmail.com and please do not contact People's Bus listed above as they will be unable to assist you.